Dr. Tracy Bennett

Mom &

Screen Safety Parenting Expert


I believe...

I believe in the importance of truly “seeing” kids as they are, where they are, and supporting their unique exploration of what they want in life and in themselves.

I believe that failure is necessary to learn and anxiety signals opportunity.

I believe that parents are here to provide love, fun, strength, and honesty. Protection is not shielding and scaring, but gently informing and inviting empowerment. Authoritative vigilance, yes, but not stifling shame.

I believe  that screens are an essential part of childhood now. Kids have embraced it, so parents need to get braver and accept tech with agreeable curiosity rather than frightened resistance.


Psychologist &

University Professor


I serve…

Parents by helping them achieve meaningful parent-child connections and screen sanity. You will find no parent shaming here. I'm a mom first and screen safety expert second. I get it. ❤︎ 

Kids by teaching parents how to love and protect them, but more importantly, “see them.” I was raised by a mom who fiercely loved me but did not love herself. Because I truly "saw" her in the everyday, I believe she learned to hate me for it. I felt invisible. The one person I felt "saw" me, my dad, lived 1000 miles away. I longed for his unconditional love throughout my adolescence. Now my dad is gone, and I’m trying to love and protect my mom in ways she didn’t for me. Even more importantly, I’m learning to love myself so my kids truly feel seen and will grow up loving themselves.

Students who thirst for understanding and knowledge. Psychology requires students to learn about themselves and others in all facets of what's important. Teaching addiction studies, parenting, and psychology courses has helped me heal as I tell stories, like my mom's devastating descent into alcoholism. Each lecture requires me to convey my deep understanding and compassion for those suffering.


Media Expert &

Fun Seeker

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What I don’t want you to know about me is…

I worry often that my kids are going to be discovered acting terribly online, and I’ll lose all credibility. The truth is they probably will act terribly online, and that’s them being teens. Parenting is a never-ending process. I’m not the perfect mother, and they’re not perfect kids.

I’m a single mom. My 21-year marriage ended, because we could not speak each other's love language despite giving it everything we had. The marriage was 16 years of happiness and 5 years of, once again, feeling invisible. Before my divorce I was devastated when my dad and stepmother died and my mom succumbed to dementia in one year. It became crystal clear that life is short; invisible is not how I want to live it.

When people ask, “How are you?” I too often say, “Too busy.” This is because as a little girl I thought my worth was through productivity. I know better now, but I still love productivity.

My love laughs at me all of the time, because I am always claiming everything and everyone “is my FAVORITE.” I can’t stop doing that, and secretly don’t want to.

I'm an expert at choosing incredible friends. I’m sensitive and have a dark and inappropriate sense of humor. I require safety, love, and devotion from those I choose to reveal myself to, so I choose my besties wisely. Being open online, on stage, and in front of the camera takes a lot of courage for me. At 50, it feels great to be courageous.

I’m not quite where I want to be … and I hope I never am. The journey of discovery is exquisite.



I have so much to share about how to fall more in love with your kids, and how they can fall more love with you! Screens are too compelling. We are on them too much...and our kids are too. Whether you have a toddler or teens (or both), this information applies.

P.S. If you're looking for a screen-free parenting guide, this isn't it. As a mom of teens and an educator, I believe our digital natives are picking up genius skills necessary to thrive. In our house, we love each other and we use our screens. Deprivation isn't necessary ... but balance is. Get your copy today!

I'm the mom psychologist who helps you GetKidsInternetSafe.

Onward to more awesome parenting,

Dr. B