Need step-by-step support to follow through on screen safety goals

and maintain screen sanity?


With the GKIS Connected Family Course, you’ll learn how to get closer to your kids while you setup your home with effective screen safety strategies (including home staging and best online tech tools). For “connected” families with toddlers, school age kids, and teens, our easy-to-implement 10-step process will get you started today. Immediately after checkout, you’ll get access to course videos and informative downloads that will instruct you how to follow through with the 10 GKIS steps for success. If you are parent who wants a more fun, safe family environment and worries about the risks that screen use poses for your kids, you’ll be happy to have this powerfully effective start.

10 quick steps to screen sanity

What parents are saying about the

GKIS Connected Family Course

— EMILY H., MOM OF 3 (AGES 11, 8, AND 5)
I was very concerned about cell phones and what my new middle schooler would be exposed to. I don’t have time to read parenting books, I’m too busy! Dr. Bennett’s course was exactly what I was hoping for. It didn’t take too long, yet it was very informative with clear guidelines that I could implement in my home right away – a technology plan that’s reasonable, doable, and has already helped us have great discussions and spend more quality time together. I loved how the information is science-based and how she focuses on maintaining a good parent-child connection because that is really important to me.
— WHITNEY L., MOM OF 3 (AGES 1, 4, AND 5)
I’d been feeling guilty and knew I had to get screen time under control, but I wasn’t sure if the Connected Family course applied to my little kids. But it did! Her info helped me shape rules and introduce them to my family and guess what?! They are working!I feel like Dr B’s course set us up for success. I loved how easy it was to complete, quick and user-friendly. It educated me about dangers, but didn’t dwell on them or use scare tactics. I walked away feeling empowered with tools. I love that she promotes a close, trusting relationship and gives us ideas about things we can do together instead of screen time. It’s clear she knows the research and has the clinical experience with families. So glad I took this course! Thank you!
“The GKIS Connected Family Course provided supporting research and really drove home why those steps are so important. There are other steps I hadn’t even thought of, like starting now with no private screen time or setting up maker stations. I really liked the GKIS Screen Guidelines offered in Step 9. I also loved all the tracking tool information in Step 10. Before I took the course, I wasn’t sure where to even start on that! I feel like I have the tools to drive positive change in my family’s screen time. The course puts all the research, ideas, and actions in one place which is crucial for any busy parent.