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340 Rosewood Avenue, Suite A
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I’m a licensed clinical psychologist who provides

consultation, coaching, and outpatient psychotherapy with 

kids (2 yo and up), teens, adults, couples, and families.

In my practice, about half of my time is with adult clients and

half with kids and teens.

Adults: We could all use a safe, quiet space to work through our challenges with a credible psychologist we trust. My clients tell me I have a warm, relatable, professional style that helps them feel comfortable working through challenges and learning effective coping skills. Over the years, I’ve found that kindness and humor go a long way. As a seasoned clinician, I’m trained to work from humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic perspectives.

Teens: Too many teens today are phonely (they rely on screen communications at the expense of face-to-face communications, which can leave people feeling alone and dissatisfied). They are so distracted and there’s so much intensity and pressure, teens crave for a safe space to explore their feelings and their decisions; no shame. I take my responsibility as an influencer very seriously. As a mother myself, I have true empathy for all sides of conflict, a necessary component to effectively support the child-adult transition. I have special expertise in online safety and screen safe parenting.

Kids: Typical goals kids work on in my practice including oppositionality, poor academic performance, anxiety and mood disorders, social skills challenges, and family and school transitions. Kids love working in a fun, compassionate environment. I offer play therapy as kids learn cognitive behavioral coping skills. We set goals; they meet them; they graduate. It’s a dynamic and fun process. Parents are highly involved throughout treatment and often choose to get parenting strategies and support.

Why it works. I am trained to work with the most challenging diagnostic issues. I believe that a trusting, authentic, and sensible therapeutic partnership promises the engagement needed for real progress. As an experienced clinician, my treatment is goal-focused. I use a humanistic model of treatment for developing a safe, creative environment ripe for understanding and insight. No shame, no blame. I also provide psychoeducation and cognitive-behavioral tools for immediate relief from stress, anxiety, and depression.

Other areas of specialty include mood and anxiety disorders, grief, trauma, relationship issues, and transitional issues like divorce and blended-family challenges. I also specialize in behavioral issues with children and teens, including AD/HD, anxiety and mood disorders, trauma, oppositional-defiance, and autistic spectrum disorder. As founder & CEO of, I’m a screen safety expert and help parents and kids form a stronger relationship while preventing and healing from digital injuries like screen addiction, cyberbullying, and exposure to inappropriate online content.

Payment. I no longer contract with insurance. Instead, clients pay at the time of service. My fee is $150 per 45-minute session, $180 for court-ordered cases. I can provide a superbill with the codes necessary to bill insurance directly.


Please call 805-383-0882 to schedule an appointment.

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